Summer Landscaping Ideas

Ah, summer time. Long days and warm nights. Summer is the perfect time to give your backyard a spruce. Below is a list of our favorite summer landscaping ideas for 2018.

Enlarge your outdoor living space:

If you're tired of mowing a large yard or simply want a bigger area to entertain and relax on the weekends, then you may want to consider extending your outdoor living space through the use of large porcelain tiles. Although ceramic tiles are a popular choice for outdoor spaces, they are not designed for cold South Dakota winters which is why we recommend porcelain. Porcelain tiles are just as strong, absorb less water and are frost resistant. Using large tiles allow you to play around with various patterns and colors, making your new extended space the focus for your landscaping plans.

Add mulch to your flower beds:

It is easy to often overlook landscaping that is already mature and thriving. Liven up your flower beds with fresh mulch in a new color or style. Adding new mulch can create a new look and add depth and dimension to your existing flower beds.

Not into mulch? Used crushed stone or large river rocks:

We hear you, mulch isn't for everyone. It can be messy, especially if you have pets or children who like to run in and out of your landscaped area. Instead of mulch, you can liven up your flower beds with crushed stone like granite or large round river rocks. The best part about using stone, you can cover up what was already there with very little fuss.

Putting some life into your backyard doesn't require a lot of money or effort if you do small pieces at a time. Not sure where to start? You can certainly contact us for ideas or estimates on your landscaping ideas.


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