Beautify your Winter Garden

As winter sets in, it's easy to forget about your garden and leave it as is until spring time rolls around. If you are looking for ways to beautify your winter garden this year, read through our simple suggestions.

Before the first frost of the winter season, we suggest planting a few winter plants that bring out the most in winter landscaping. Varying types of conifers can add some depth to your garden. When they lose their leaves, their stems shine through in bright red, orange and even yellow, offering a variety of colors against dormant grasses and shrubs. Another option is the Japanese black pine. This amazing plant goes from green in the summer to a yellow-gold in the winter, offering a beautiful touch to a sometimes dead looking landscape.

Don't feel like adding new plants during the cooler weather months? Take the easier route and add colorful pots with conifers, winter growing annuals, edible leafy greens or ornamental grasses throughout your garden or arranged on your front/back porch.

These few simple touches can go a long way to adding cheer and vibrant color to your winter garden.

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