Fall Landscaping and Planting in the Black Hills

As summer winds down, planting new trees and shrubs might be the last thing on your mind. You’ve worked hard on your garden all summer long, and you have beautiful results to show for it. So sit back, relax, and sip a glass of lemonade from your lawn chair as you marvel at your gorgeous garden.

As the season changes to fall, the experts at Quinn’s Landscaping & Excavating say that it’s the ideal time to get your hands dirty once again. Spring bulbs, pansies, cool-season vegetables, turf grass, trees, shrubs, and perennials should be on your autumn landscaping list. Quinn’s suggest that you should try to plant them about six weeks before your region gets hit with a hard frost, which can range from September to October in the Black Hills.

­­ “Those plants are all great for fall because they are nourished by cooler weather and bloom in the springtime,” said Tanner Quinn, owner of the Rapid City and Spearfish landscaping and excavating business.

Quinn said the benefits to planting in the fall are numerous. Since autumn has cooler air temperatures, gardeners won’t tire from working outdoors as quickly. Yet the soil is still warm, which allows plant roots to flourish. “The combination of warm soil and crisp air stimulates root growth, so your tree or shrub will get a head start on growing until the first freeze,” said Quinn. To the contrary, if you wait until spring to plant, your plant or tree will not grow until the soil begins to warm again.

More evidence that fall generally has better weather for planting than spring does? Spring’s notorious for unpredictable weather from torrential rain and storms to hail and even tornados, which can make working the soil an arduous task. In the fall, the atmosphere has stabilized enough for full days of planting and there’s still the option to water plants if it doesn’t rain enough.

Plus, since it’s not as warm outside, pest and disease problems aren’t as rampant in the fall and you won’t need to fertilize, as you don’t want tender growth destroyed by winter weather. Another benefit to planting in the fall? The late season is a great time to score bargains at garden centers trying to reduce their inventory before spring.

“The great thing about landscaping is that you don’t have to do it all yourself when you don’t have the time or energy,” said Quinn. The Rapid City landscapers at Quinn’s Landscaping & Excavating are here to make planting easier, and to help you time your planting just right. The result? Your yard will be the most beautiful it’s ever been. The Quinn landscaping team does residential landscaping; commercial landscaping; sprinkler system installation and maintenance; and residential excavating throughout the Black Hills region.

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