Protect your Fall Landscaping

With temperatures cooling off and fall festivities scheduled to take place throughout the Black Hills, it's time to start preparing your lawn for the season. Contrary to popular belief, early fall is the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs. Fall rainstorms and cool weather can help these plants grow and stretch without the harsh summer sun and heat. This gives the new plants time to mature before the first frost, letting them adapt to their new home. Not only is fall a great time to plant trees and shrubs, most nurseries like Jolly Lane Greenhouse or Nachtigall's Greenhouse in Rapid City offer discounts on trees and shrubs as they prepare to clear out their summer stock.

After adding a few new trees and shrubs to your lawn, spread mulch around the new areas. Putting mulch around your plants in the fall can help your plants retain moisture as well as protect the roots from early winter frost. We recommend using hardwood shredded mulch like Western Red Cedar or Western Bark. Using hardwood mulch ensures that you aren't spreading disease spores, which can be found in free mulch piles.

A final step to protect your new trees and shrubs? Wrap them securely before the first winter frost. With our harsh South Dakota winds, thick snow and ice, your shrubs and new trees can take a brutal beating during the winter months. We recommend surrounding the area with shredded leaves from fall dropping and use burlap to cover your trees and shrubs. Burlap allows the plants and shrubs to breathe but is sturdy enough to keep out the harsh elements.

Follow our simple steps to protect your fall landscaping and your lawn will thank you next Spring!


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