Spring Vegetables to Plant

While summer months seem like the obvious time to plant vegetables and fruit, there are several cool season spring vegetables that can be started now, producing beautiful veggies ready for your summer dishes.

Since spring in South Dakota often means drastic weather changes, we suggest planning your cool season veggies in pots. On warm days, place the pots outside and bring them back in at night. This will help you avoid frost and ensure your veg is getting enough warm sunlight during the day.

The plants we recommend below can be planted from seed and produce a good summer harvest.

Lettuce, Spinach & Kale

Lettuce, spinach and kale come in a large variety of options. If you are just starting out with planting and eating your own greens, we suggest planting a variety of baby greens, different types of spinach and kale to narrow down what you like and what grows set based on your climate.


If you want a fast growing vegetable, radishes are the way to go as they are often ready to be harvested in three weeks or less. You can easily plant radishes alongside a variety of greens. The most popular type of radish is round, red or pink and can be found in any grocery store. Like greens, radishes can also come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and different levels of sweet or spicy.


Peas are a great crop to have your kids help you with. They are easy to handle, plant and harvest. Peas can take anywhere from 50 to 65 days to mature, depending on the variety, and can grow either as vines or as 'bushes'. Before planting, we suggest soaking your pea seeds overnight in water.

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